The past year has been so difficult.  With theaters closed down, shows cancelled and postponed, school going entirely virtual, and lessons going all virtual for the first time ever, keeping our motivation and artistic identities in tact has been unfathomable at times.  And yet, nevertheless, the students of Studio Voix have persisted with relentless good cheer, growth in the face of adversity, and remarkable accomplishments. 


Now, as vaccines become more prevalent and we are seeing case statistics drop steadily, it seems there is a light at the end of the tunnel.  Voix will continue offering virtual lessons for students who prefer, and is now opening for live, in-person lessons as well with Covid safety protocols recommended by the CDC, NIH, and National Association of Teachers of Singing research into the science of singing and Covid spread via aerosolization.  In-person lessons will be spaced 90 minutes apart to allow for full air circulation and cleaning.  All students will be infrared temp checked at the door. Fully vaccinated students are invited to sing maskless and with normal distancing.


Non vaccinated students will be able to sing maskless behind the Voix Booth, a 7 ft tall plexiglass booth that is positioned by the open back door, allowing the cross draft to blow out the back.  My piano is 20 ft distance from the Voix booth and positioned near the open back window with an additional plexiglass shield.  Students will remain masked until both they and I are situated in place safely.  Additionally, there are three UV air purifiers stationed throughout the house and all touched surfaces, including the bathroom, are sanitized between students. Students will be infrared temp checked upon entry; however, I ask that you also temp check at home prior to coming.  If a reschedule needs to be made due to a high temperature, I will work with you to find an accommodating time. For further questions regarding Covid safety protocols, please feel free to be in touch.  My goal is to keep my singers and my self healthy, safe, and comfortable!