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In addition to teaching private lessons, group classes, masterclasses, lecture recitals, public speaking engagements and non-theatrical professional classes are available!  There is a myriad of topics within the realms of theater, voice, and small business entrepreneurship for the performing artist.  Here are just a few suggested topics; however, I am happy to develop a program catered to the specific needs of professional groups, schools, choirs, etc.  Feel free to contact me with any questions or to discuss your event!





Intro/Intermediate/Advanced Voice

Intro/Intermediate/Advanced theater

Music Theory/Musicianship

Ensemble Performance: How to Sing and Perform Your Best As a Group



Intro/Intermediate/Advanced Voice

Intro/Intermediate/Advanced Theater

College Audition Preparation

Professional Audition Preparation

Your Body: Your Instrument- Body Awareness for the Performer

To Belt or Not To Belt…or Rather, How to Belt

The Evolution of Musical Theater

The Artistry of Art Song

The Art of Ensemble Performance- Duets, Trios, and More

Monologue for the Musical Performer

Acting for the Opera Singer

The Art of Stage Direction and How It Can Better Our Understanding of Character



Singing Students Are Happy Students

Entrepreneurship for the Freelance Musician- Financing Your Performing Career Without Waiting Tables

Starting a Small Business in the Performing Arts

Teaching Voice for Special Needs Students

Teaching The Pre-Pubescent Singers

Mastering the Transitioning Voice: Confidence in Speech and Singing Through Hormonal Therapy and Gender Transition



SHOUT! Cheer Better And Avoid Injury

The Application of Vocal Pedagogy for Strong, Straightforward, Confident Public Speakers and Business Professionals

Acting and Vocal Principles For The Successful Negotiator

The Art of Narration: Using your voice as a Theatrical Instrument for Professional Narration, Podcasting, Story Telling, and More!

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