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Have you ever wanted to sing, with no fear, no tension, nothing to hold back the potential of your true sound?


Why take voice lessons?  The same reason why we consult physical trainers, coaches, and other educators for study. Singing is a physical and athletic art form; one that requires great focus, discipline, and awareness of the anatomy and laws of physics that govern respiratory and vocal science.  Furthermore, the study of any genre of music is one the requires study in history, style, musicianship, linguistics, and last but not least the dramatic arts.  To be able to sing with healthy, unfettered production of sound and to create artistry in any genre of music is the ultimate goal. Your voice is the most powerful force you possess, a sound that is purely, uniquely you, a story that only you can tell.   We communicate with the sound, color, texture, and abilites of our voice as much as we do with words.  Nothing is more empowering, joyful, and fulfilling than discovering the potential of your voice!  


In a one hour session we will begin with bodywork: muscle isolation exercises and breathing exercises to build a solid, healthy foundation with which to produce sound.  We then will work through vocal exercises and warm ups at the piano.  These exercises are catered to what we are trying to develop with the instrument.  I recommend recording your lessons to hear your progress over time, but also to help remember the exercises that we do and to observe how your voice is responding in terms of timbre, agility, clarity, and development. We then apply those exercises in practice with songs/repertoire, coaching each piece with consideration to vocal technique, style, and creative, dramatic interpretation of the lyrics.  


Whether a singer, actor, dancer, or public speaker, the dramatic magnetism that sets apart the legendary performers is an art form in and of itself.  Whether preparing for an audition, working on a theatrical song, or training as a serious thespian, acting coachings help to hone your dramatic skills, perfect your audition, and add great depth to your performing.  In coachings, we study the various methods, diction and stage projection, exercises in theatrical bodywork, cold reads, scene work, monologues, improvisation, stagecraft, character development, and audition etiquette.  

Alyssa Cox, Soprano  
Welcome to my studio!
Voix Vocal Studio has been open and operating in Annapolis, MD for one year as of this February!  It has been a whirlwind year and I am so proud of how far the studio and my students have come!  We have had incredible performances, auditions, breakthroughs, and above all made beautiful music and had fun! There is a ton to see here on the site, so enjoy reading about all that Studio Voix is! Please feel free to peruse and contact me if you have any questions!     
I would love to hear from you, please feel free to contact me with any inquiries you may have!

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