Allow me to introduce myself!

Welcome to Voix!  My name is Alyssa Cox, and I am a voice/theater instructor operating my private Annapolis studio for the singing and theatrical needs of performers at all different levels, experience, and genres.  What kind of voice teaching do I do?  What style of music do we sing at the studio, what "school of pedagogy" do I subscribe to, who am I and what is my teaching background?  I am a classically trained operatic soprano with degrees in voice and theater from the Oberlin Conservatory of Music and postgraduate study at Indiana University.  Please see below for my professional bio.  As far as teaching goes, I have been teaching and coaching performers for nearly ten years and if I have to label myself, I would say I hail from the Italianate/Bel Canto school of singing- or the Western school.  I strongly subscribe to the pedagogy of Richard Miller, Marilyn Horne, Liebling, and Lamperti. But what it all really boils down to for me is that I teach from a foundation of what our body is designed for in the production of sound, how do we maximize our vocal potential by utilizing our anatomy, and by coordinating breath, resonance, and mindfulness anyone can sing any type of music with ease and longevity.  I have taught students of all ages, from 72 to 8, and regularly you can hear opera, R&B, musical theater belting, and classic rock on any given day in the studio.  I love and welcome the study of any kind of music, all different types of voices, and work with tenors, countertenors, sopranos, mezzos, basses, and horses of a different color! Whether you simply want to sing better in your car for your own pleasure, or you want to be the next Broadway star- everyone deserves to sing with joy, freedom, and empowerment!  

Alyssa Cox, Soprano